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Welcome to the home of Zachari Duncalf

I am an adult care leaver. I spent 8 years of my childhood living in children's homes across England. I am now involved in a number of projects with young people in care, care leavers and amazing individuals and teams that work in and around residential and foster care. The best way to decribe what I do is passionate scholarship (which you can read more about in the Section: A Can of Words - but, in short, I am an academic, researcher, trainer and consultant passionate about the individuals and communities I work with).


In the last 15 years I have also worked with other groups including: LGBT communities, those with mental health difficulties and working women. In doing so I have found that there have been many interesting pieces of research, training, discussion groups and ideas that have helped individuals, communities, practitioners, students, policy makers and academics, to name but a few. Yet, I find that there is a lack of open access to such wonderful resources.


So, I have created this website. This site focuses primarily on young people in care and care leavers of all ages as this is where the majority of my current work focuses. It is also important, as a care leaver myself, that we generate more knowledge in challenging practice and exploring ideas to ensure we can improve the system for young people in care, care leavers, staff and organisations.


Enjoy and keep in touch.

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