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A Can of Words

Passionate Scholarship

I state quite clearly as the logo for my website that I claim to be a "Passionate Scholar" but what do I mean by this and why do I think it is an important position to hold?

A Day in the Life of...

During the making of this website I spoke to many practitioners and care leavers for their views and opinions on what I was developing. A space for care leavers and practioners - so that they can share a day in their lives - was put forward as a great idea.


Learning from Adult Care Leavers

As an adult care leaver myself I know all too well how hard it is to have your voice heard within the sector - and I work in it! This blogs positions a cry for us to listen to adult care leavers in working with young people in care and younger care leavers.

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Asking Questions/Challenging Practice

Highly qualified and well trained staff alongside good leadership are seen as central to positive and child-centred practice but if we do not regularly have space to reflect, ask questions and challenge practice then poor practices, attitudes and cultures can soon

set in.