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Over time I have carried out training and teaching, written large reports meaning that I have constantly been looking for the most up to date knowledge and research.


This inevitably takes a lot of time and resources. So, to save many others trawling through decades of journals, books and other resources as I have, I thought I would share these with you.


Below are bibliographies that i am in the process of developing. When they are underlined they are ready to download and use. I have not yet finished compiling all the resources I have and so will be regularly updating them. If you have ideas you want to contribute or feel i have missed key texts out feel free to email me with suggestions.


    -    Care and Participation, Rights and Voice

    -    Care and Attachment, Trauma and Resilience

    -    Care and Education and Employment

    -    Care and Health

    -    Care and Identity

    -    Care and the Environment and Accommodation

    -    Care (more broadly)

    -    Care and Criminal Justice

    -    Care and Relationships

    -    Care and Transitions

    -    Leaving Care (more broadly)

    -    Longer Term Effects of Care – Historic Abuse

    -    Longer Term Effects of Care - Records

    -    Longer Term Effects of Care – Relationships, Resilience, Identity and Narratives

    -    Longer Term Effects of Care (more broadly)

    -    Research – Collaboration

    -    Research – Ethics

    -    Research – Innovative Tools

    -    Research – Reflection, Relationships and Emotions

    -    Research – Narratives and Autobiography

    -    Writing and Getting Research Out There