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Out and About

Over the years I have seen and participated in many discussions, conferences and events. I have watched interesting organisations and individuals do amazing work. There has, however, been nowhere to showcase the innovative and imaginative things I have come across whilst being out and about. Until now that is.


If you hear of interesting events or individuals and organisations that you want to draw to my attention do not hesitate to get in touch.

Historical Records

There has been some fantastic work done by individuals and organisations who have kept and maintained a history of individuals who have worked and lived within the care system. This section outlines some of these great resources.

TED Talks

Whilst we can’t always attend some conferences or hear some speakers, here are some inspirational presentations from TED Talks. These talks are not focused on young people in care and care leavers but have wider application within our understanding of individuals and communities and are

extremely inspirational.


Up and Coming

Here is a calendar of some up and coming innovative and exciting events to attend or take part in. If you have any suggestions please email them through.

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Whilst being out and about I have come across many organisations that do great work. Here is a growing collection of them.



Here I have commented on some of the interesting things I have seen or come across whilst being out and about - conferences and events I have attended, websites of interest and people and their work i would like to draw your attention to.

Very Interesting...

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