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I have been involved in many research projects. Sadly not all of these have reached the stage of a published report or are available to the public.


I believe in making research and knowledge available and accessible. This section presents some of the research I have been involved in over the years by providing an overview of the work, reflections since the completion of the project and links to the more in-depth report, where possible.

Taking Part

If you are interested in sharing your experiences of growing up or working in the care system click through to see more information about how you can do this.

Listen Up

This piece of research explored the in care and leaving care experiences of 310 care leavers aged 17 – 78. It is currently the biggest piece of research in this area and provides us with many interesting insights into the long term effects

(positive and negative) of living in and leaving

the care system.

This research focused on the oral histories with 25 adult care leavers. There are many different elements to this research which will grow and develop as I bring them together - so watch this space. Initially, what is presented here is an overview of

this piece of work.

Taking Place Seriously

The visual layout and contents of a children’s home often make them quite institutional places to live and work. This piece of research explored with staff and young people what would make a children's home a more homely place to be.



Here is a list of useful bibliographies on young people in care, care leavers, methodology and other relevant areas of interest.


Within this section is a series of innovative good practice guides when looking after and working with young people in care and care leavers. These blueprints are designed to raise questions and explore challenging practice.


One-to-One Interviews

Over the years I have met a number of inspirational people. These short one-to-one interviews explore their life’s work, a specific project that they are working or reflections on developments in their area of expertise.

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Adult Care Leavers: PhD Research


In 2013 I was involved in setting up, training and consulting on a project that the Social Care Institute for Excellence developed in relation with the British Library. Here older care leavers shared their experiences of being in care with younger care


Oral Histories from London Care Leavers - SCIE Project


Still Caring?

In 2013 the Children and Young People Bill was being developed to include an extension of young people being able to stay in foster care up until their 25th birthday. Myself and a couple of colleagues developed this paper to support this proposal

and highlight a number of issues 

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Attachment, Trauma and Resilience

In November 2013 I was asked to present a paper on the dangers and distortions of attachment theory at a conference organised by Scottish Attachment in Action.


Education is one of the most explored areas of work with young people in care and care leavers. It is an area we can easily quantify and is seen as an area of success or failure for practitioners and young people in their care. Here is some of the work I have been involved in and organisations I have come across

in this.

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