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Taking Part

It has been varied and exciting to meet the variety of people to work with - over a thousand young people in care, care leavers of all ages, residential workers, foster carers and individuals from the wider care sector.


I have been priviledged to listen to many personal and professional experiences of care. However, I have only been able to capture about half of these experiences in research - questionnaires, interviews, oral histories etc.


If you are interested in sharing your personal or professional experiences of living or working in care or leaving care then please click on the links below to the online questionnaires and share your experiences


Feel free to only provide information to questions you feel comfortable answering. I have asked for your name as part of the questionnaire but this is only for my own records so that i can ensure that questionnaires aren't completed by the same person more than once.




Questionnaire for CARE LEAVERS


Statement of Ethics - All your information will be kept confidential and secure. The information you provide will only been viewed by myself, Zachari Duncalf, and appropriately used in the development of research reports, conferences and papers to better our understanding of what it means to grow up or work in care. If you have any questions before you complete the questionnaire please do not hesitate to get in touch. I abide by the ethical principles as set out by the Social Research Association (click on the document to the right for a full outline of these).