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15th December 2016

I love my kids, I LOVE ALL MY KIDS. I love the three I have at home that won’t leave and the four I have here that I don’t want to let go of. How mad is that? I get the sense that I shouldn’t say this. I feel there is a strong bond within the team to do the best for the kids and then there are some of the team that I’m not actually quite sure like the kids. I see this and I also see how the manager has ensured that these individuals are not on shifts together but we never talk about this, of course.


What have we done today? Well, the usual cycle of a family life really – up, well, eventually, breakfast, clean up (haphazardly), school run, missed bag, back home, no missed back, actually in the car, kid late, telling off from head, growled at head (politely), back, phone call, young person not going into class, back in the care, an hour in the head’s office trying to see their point of view but actually agree with the kid! But know I shouldn’t/can’t say anything, very bitten lip! Back home (with young person), time identifying museum to go to, so school still but incorporated with day out – bonus! Lunch, long talk in the car – I think it’s easier that they don’t have to look at me, tears and cuddles at home, afternoon with mum, home alone, a few hours of admin and chores and lots and lots and lots of thinking and talking about this morning – what can we do? Can we do anything? Short term, long term? What’s the point? Never give up, we’re here, we’re not going anywhere, hugs for kids trailing in through the door, washing, noise, laughter, fall out, make up, in, out, in, out, asleep, awake, who’s got the remote? Can I have? Can I have? Can I have? Don’t want that! Don’t want it now! I’m not going to share! Make him make his own! That’s not fair, why doesn’t he like me, I’m sad, but I don’t like him, he’s mean, she’s scruffy, he’s a dickhead, she’s a tramp, don’t take that off us, we’re bezzie mates, idiot staff, bedtime, missing, back, in, out, in, out, out, out, in (1), in (2), in (3), in (4) all accounted for, safe, warm, fed, happy(ish) for today, PJs on, teeth not brushed, it’s 2am, I want a bath, I want to phone my mum, I can’t sleep will you all shut the fuck up, I’m gonna punch you soon, love you, love you too, I’m off to bed!


Any tomorrow we start again and I wouldn’t change a thing!


Marrion (Residential worker for 15 years, Yorkshire)

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