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Throughout my career I have provided research, training and consultancy services to a wide audience of individuals and organisations. Along the way I have built up a database of others providing services in this area.


I devised Intelligent I as the company and publication name for products and services that would be provided by a wide range of qualified freelance individuals with experience and expertise in these areas.


For more information or to enquire about our services, email: info@zachariduncalf.co.uk  


Philosophy: Ethics and Approach


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Areas of Expertise

The following is an indicative list of areas that we have expertise in:


  • Attachment

  • Trauma

  • Reilience

  • Self harm

  • Attempted or completed suicide

  • Storing and accessing records

  • Writing child care records

  • The experiences of growing up in care

  • The experiences of leaving care

  • Developing policy around areas of practice

  • Placing policy into practice

  • Developing an ethics or philosophy of care

  • Evaluating service provision

  • Helping organisations develop monitoring and evaluation frameworks


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Examples of What We Can Offer


There are many examples of the different types of research that could take place.

       -     It may be that you want to gain young people’s views about a particular issue where having an

             independent person may enable them to talk more freely and with anonymity;

       -     You may want to have a full service review that would incorporate a number of different methods; or

       -     You may want to explore how you could carry out your own research or evaluation and some basic

             training in these areas would be useful to your staff team



Ongoing training is an essential part of keeping up with positive practice.

       -     You may find that you have new members of staff that you want to train in some of the basic areas of

             working with young people in care or care leavers; or

       -     You may have a particular young person or group of young people living with you where issues have

             arisen such as self harm or sexuality that you feel you and your staff team do not have the skills to work




Consultancy is a service that provides a longer term reflective relationship than training traditionally does.

      -      It allows for a specific issue or area to be talked through in depth and at length;

      -      It provides specific ideas and practices that could improve or change a difficult situation;

      -      It ensures that staff have a regular space to be reflective in and discuss any difficulties of translating

             knowledge into practice; or

      -      Consultancy could also involve time spent in the children’s home or within staff meetings as an

             independent observer. Again this allows for a specific understanding of the workings – both positive

             practice and practice that could improve – of the area to be discussed and explored.



      -     If you have a particular area of interest that you want to bring together for the staff team but do not have

            the funds or time at the moment for training then a guidance booklet could be of interest to you. This

            booklet would bring together key research in the area and develop those into insights and examples of

            positive practice. These are known as Blueprints and can be seen in the Research section of this website; or

      -     There may be a new area of practice where you have not needed a policy before but now feel that you do.

            This is a good service to talk through your thoughts and ideas and search out similar policies that have

            been developed in the sector in the construction of your own.


A culmination of consultancy, training and writing would also be useful in the development of a team philosophy of care.





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What We Give Back

We know that money is tight in the sector so we don’t want to make access to these services difficult. We have a real passion for the work that we do and know that full costs cannot always be met. We often work with organisations to provide support and advice above and beyond what has been costed for as we don’t work on a minute by minute basis but are regularly available before, during and after a set piece of work.


We also believe that giving to young people in care and care leavers of all ages is important. Therefore 10% of any work we are independently paid for will, at the end of the financial year, go directly to young people in care or care leavers. This may take a number of different forms, including:


  • Books bought for a children’s home

  • A day out for a group of young people

  • A musical instrument for a children’s home

  • Book tokens for older care leavers getting back into education


No cash sum will be given and where possible we would want to benefit more than one individual. This 10% should in no way cover core services young people and care leavers of all ages should be getting from their council, school or organisation.


We also aim to give these gifts back to the young people and care leavers linked to the local areas and organisations that have funded these pieces of work.


For more information or to enquire about our services, email: info@zachariduncalf.co.uk


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The philosophies and ethics that are central to the work that we, as Intelligent I, do are in line with those that I personally and professional hold (outlined in detail in the About Me Section of this Website)


To reiterate in short here – The work that we do and approach that we take is relational, ethical, connected and committed to making a difference.


The main principles of the work that we do are at the core of the Intelligent I logo – Interactive, Innovative, Insightful and it must have Impact.


There were many other I’s that were candidates for the logo including:


Imagination, Inclusion, Implementation, Inspiration, Instinct, Intuition, Illumination, Influence, Inspection, Integration, Intention, Interdependence, Involvement, Individual…


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